They tell me I’m too young to understand.

They say I’m caught up in a dream.


I’m 16. Of course I’m young, and there’s much I don’t understand. With youth, though, comes an unmatched level of passion and eagerness found nowhere else. We’re at the age of discovery, just beginning to find ourselves. We’re caught with one foot still in high school and the other precariously balanced over the deep ravine that is college, a job, and the real world. We’re stuck on these teenage years, our hearts still lingering on the precious feeling of intimacy and familiarity that only high school can bring.

Right now, we’re free to dream. Free to imagine anything we want before we’re forced to comprehend the complexity of the grown-up world. Nobody knows what the future will bring, but it’s not beyond our command because it’s up to us, the dreamers, to take that step.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
Eleanor Roosevelt



One thought on “They tell me I’m too young to understand.

  1. I saw the name of this blog post and I was immediately drawn to it. Many adults think that we are too young to understand the “real world” and we have a while until we actually have to deal with it. I completely agree with what you say in this post though. We are nearing the end of our high school lives and about to enter a whole other world.

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