Why Fonts Are Important To Your Life


You may be thinking that the only time that the font you use will ever matter is when you’re forced to format your paper the MLA way with pt. 12 Times New Roman font and all that 1-inch margin nonsense. What you probably don’t think about often, if ever, is that fonts can change your life.

Maybe I was exaggerating a little, but I am serious when I say that fonts can change your life. A font dictates the mood and feel of a piece. Times New Roman screams “serious, boring, and most likely academic.” Century Gothic calls for a minimalist feel, much like the Myriad font that Apple often uses. Edwardian Script, a default cursive-like font, conjures up a fancy atmosphere. Because there is a myriad (hehe) of fonts available for us to use, there are so many different ways to express just the mood we’re looking for.

Most of the time, I personally prefer a professional, clean look. For inspiration, I look to the ads made by Ralph Lauren, Hollister, and other clothing companies. These ads use 1 or 2 simple fonts but still get the point across in a straightforward way. They aren’t distracting the eye from the main subject and are easy to read.


I approve of the font. The model…not really my type (pun intended).

To emanate this look while editing my homecoming photos, I chose to use Century Gothic in white on a blue ocean background and adjusted the amount of spacing between each letter to keep it from becoming too cluttered. This increases the simplicity of the overall image and doesn’t draw attention away from the subjects.


When met with the fresh, new project of Idea Farming, I was forced to contemplate about the look we are trying to convey. Is it academic and serious or academic with a fun twist? Is it geared towards the minimalist high schooler or the energetic elementary student? These are the things I keep in mind while working on the first step to introducing Idea Farming to the world: creating a website.

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