The Calm Before The Storm


It’s Bell Week. The biggest, craziest, most spirited week of the year. The week where ASB and Senate members practically live at the school from early morning to late at night, making posters, painting windows, and decorating every inch of the school. I’m the most vulnerable during this week. The most susceptible to falling behind due to  my dangerous mix of AP classes and time-consuming extra-curriculars. This week has driven me crazy as I tried to keep up with my schoolwork. I’ve begun talking to myself, repeating in my head lists of things I still needed to do, constantly reminding myself to STAY FOCUSED. Every day, a new challenge would arise. Another video to shoot, another flyer to design. I had to adapt to these changes. If Iago could constantly change his twisted plans to fit his psychopathic needs, I could handle this. Dreams aren’t accomplished by relaxing. This was only the calm before the storm. Life after school, the real world, is the storm that lays ahead. 


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