If you’re anything like a normal person, you’d want to be credited for your work, be it an art piece, literary work, or simply anything amazing you’ve done, unless, of course, you’re Othello, and what you thought was an amazing act of vengeance turned out to be the murder of your innocent wife, in which case you probably wouldn’t want your name attached to that.

As an artist, I always run into the issue of attribution. Attribution is giving the creator credit for what he or she has done. The creator can request for a specific type of attribution, such as a link back to his/her website or simply just a name in the caption. The problem with attribution is many people refuse to comply, even if it’s as easy as typing the name of the creator into the description. There is a fear of attribution “tainting” the post and taking away from its value if the creator is not well-known or is somehow ill-reputed, or the person who posts the work wants to leave the identity of the creator open to interpretation.

No matter who the creator is, if you’re going to use their work, always remember to credit them in the manner they request. This also goes along the lines of respect and appreciation. It’s common courtesy. Let’s keep chivalry alive.

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