Appearance Isn’t Everything…Or Is It?


Contrary to the popular quote, appearance is everything, and here’s why.

We all hate ads, be it YouTube ads or annoying pop-ups. What we don’t realize is that ads are nearer and dearer to us than we think. Those images that people post on Facebook with information about their upcoming events and fundraisers, even if it’s just text on an image, are actually advertisements. The key to a successful advertisement, however, is appearance. No matter how casual your event is, a sleek, eye-catching flyer will make it seem much more professional and enticing.


The job of an advertisement is to persuade. You must somehow capture the interest of someone mindlessly scrolling through posts, keep their attention, and convince them to take action. How will you go about doing this?

First of all, a splash of color won’t hurt. We as humans are naturally attracted to bright, colorful things simply because they’re more exciting. Use the right amount of colors to stay consistent with a theme (warm colors, cool colors etc.), enough to spark some interest but not so much that it becomes overwhelming.

Second of all, choosing the right font (or fonts) is everything. You can go with one or two core fonts or, if multiple fonts is more consistent with the style you’re going for, by all means, go for it. A good thing to do is to choose some fresh new fonts. If you want your ad to be out of the ordinary, you best be picking fonts that are out of the ordinary. Times New Roman and Arial aren’t necessarily bad choices, but you should try testing out some newer stuff. Who knows, you might stumble upon your new favorite typeface!

Third of all, a striking background image that’s eye-catching is definitely essential in pulling in your audience. Pick something that’s unique, out of the ordinary, or is captured from a different angle/perspective. Always choose high quality photos. The higher the quality, the more professional your ad will look. Pros settle for nothing less than the best.

So, appearance is, indeed, everything. It’s the first step to getting someone’s attention. Nobody will be getting any of the information you want to deliver unless you’ve managed to direct their attention to your post among the waterfall of newsfeed updates. Had Desdemona not been the rapturous beauty that she was, Othello may have never laid an eye on her and we would not be reading the story of how she was murdered by said man.



One thought on “Appearance Isn’t Everything…Or Is It?

  1. In this day and age people judge by what they see, everything is becoming more visual. I agree that our apprearance is important and the more professional a photo is the more people will click and see your post. I’ve been using professional looking photos for my blog which is why some people have clicked my blog.

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