Networking: Start Now


The first step to being successful is getting your name out there, not in a “look what I did” kind of way, but in a “here’s what I can do for YOU” kind of way. 

Most people don’t understand why I put my name on everything I’ve done. No, it’s not because I want to show off and brag. It’s because I simply want to get my name out there. I know what you’re thinking. This is not about conceit or attention. It’s something entirely different.

Everybody has to start somewhere. Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t get to be the star that he is today by chance. He had to start small, with television commercials and sitcom appearances, and work his way up to international fame.


“Started from the bottom now we’re here.”

If you’re an artist, designer, director, or a creator of any type who is looking to advance further, it is important to engage in networking. Of course, you can’t actually begin until people know who you are and are interested in your work. To do this, give yourself some credit. Don’t be afraid that others will think you’re just looking for attention because to be quite frank with you, they will think that and you can’t control other people’s thoughts.

...or can you?

…or can you?

Once people have seen your work, they will want to request you to work for them. Since you’re not exactly an Oscar winner quite yet, you can’t be demanding payment or anything of the sort…yet. Start by doing things for free, little projects here and there, just to get your name out and to build upon your experience. Once you have enough to compile your work into a portfolio, you can begin to connect with people and demand some form of compensation for your work. I personally like Starbucks drinks (if you’re reading this and you owe me Starbucks, it’s November and my favorite Starbucks holiday drink – the caramel brulee frappuccino – is out right now)!

Giving credit to yourself is the first step in getting your name out there so you can build connections and extend your network. One person who loves your work can lead to recommendations to even more people who might be interested in hiring you, so don’t ever miss out on opportunities to show the world who you are and what you can do.

Make your presence as known as the ghost of Hamlet’s father when he insists that Hamlet swear to secrecy.

Get out there. The world is yours.

Best of luck,



4 thoughts on “Networking: Start Now

  1. Great advice for those aspiring writers and designers out there! I remember once at my Elite SAT prep class, one of my teachers had told me that his friend’s dad was unemployed and was seeking to build a writing career. He’d written a story that he’d posted online and was looking for more viewers and readers. Every time he’d go out and eat at a restaurant he’d slip a business card in the check with his name and story title and everything as a method of promotion!

    In such a technological age, there is so much potential to spread ideas and make your things actually yours. Such an inspiring and motivating post!

  2. The idea of self promotion is really imporant for any job, but it is especially true in the artistic field. I myself struggle with this, and often fail to get my work out there as much as I should- to open yourself up to the risk of public failure is a scary thing. I really liked your first sentence “The first step to being successful is getting your name out there, not in a “look what I did” kind of way, but in a “here’s what I can do for YOU” kind of way.” This is true in so many ways- people won’t be willing to do anything for you if you don’t do anything for them. Your post really inspired me to improve my own networking skills, Thank you!

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