Will I remember you by the end of the day?

Boys Basketball

Want to be successful in life? Stand out from the crowd.

Old post from January 7th, 2014 re-posted to include updated information

Who do you notice in a crowd of recent graduates looking for work? It’s going to be the one who paid extra careful attention to the little details. The one who never forgets to say thank you, the one who reaches out for the handshake, the one whose outfit is freshly pressed down to every single crease. A little added attentiveness can go a long way.

Making a lasting impression is significant in an ever-changing world. If you want to succeed, you’re going to have to show the world that you can do things others can’t do. You need to showcase your uniqueness. You need to have a signature, a trademark, something that will help you be remembered by the end of the day.

When sharing ideas with others, fulfilling the bare requirements of passing on information is one thing. The other thing is presentation. Learning is much more effective when others are engaged in what you are saying. They are more receptive to information when you’re entertaining enough to keep their attention.

How will you go about accomplishing this? Be memorable. Do something out of the ordinary. Don’t be afraid to unleash your creativity. Remember that you are facilitating the learning of others and the spreading of ideas.

This is my senior year of high school. It’s been an amazing 4 years with Fountain Valley High. I’m beginning to have those “senior” thoughts–what will happen after I leave here? Will people remember me? What have I done? What have I contributed?

In short, am I memorable?

65 videos on YouTube later, I’ve begun to start developing my own style and purpose. I want to recognize those who deserve it. I want to capture the blissful moments of success and victory. I want people to be able to remember their time in high school–the people, the great experiences, the fun of it all.

I want to make others’ high school experiences memorable.

So I did things no one else had done before.

I became a part of our football team, following their journey to the first playoff game since 2009, and earned myself a position as an honorary team member with my own jersey.

I created the first ever season intro video for our basketball team introducing the players, and I became good friends with the captain.

In the process of documenting others’ great experiences, I had some great experiences of my own.

So before you decide to do another bulleted PowerPoint presentation or a hastily-filmed video with little post-production work, think again.

Think “memorable.”

It’ll be a great experience for both you and your audience.

Best of luck.

2 thoughts on “Will I remember you by the end of the day?

  1. Such a motivational and honest post. I especially loved the title: Will I remember you by the end of the day? That really stuck with me.

    I think it would be great if freshman kids saw this because they still have their whole high school career ahead of them. They have time to decide how to make an impact, how to make a difference at their school. I know many seniors who regret things because they hadn’t taken high school seriously, wishing that they could’ve done the things they wanted to do.

    I totally understand the whole “senior thoughts” stuff. The nostalgia, the recollection of memories, the constant pondering of the “what if’s” and the “what could’ve beens”. As seniors, we have a value to consider. And the question is: besides from age, what other values do we consist of? What have we collected and gained from our years of high school? It makes us all wonder, that’s for sure.

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