Get Lucky


We all hope for that one day to come when we “get lucky” and rise to fame and glory…except these 2 guys. And they’re already famous.

Many celebrities “do it for the fame.” The French electronic music duo Daft Punk tells a different story.

Unlike most other musicians in the industry, Daft Punk’s entire reputation is built upon the foundation of anonymity. Why? Some critics have theorized that the two remain disguised in public to create an air of mystery about them and to stir up buzz among the masses. However, the two have stated themselves that their robotic helmets were originally a result of their shyness. Over time, it became their signature look as fans created a tremendous amount of hype about the robots and their addictive music.


You have to admit–the best part about the movie Tron: Legacy is the soundtrack by Daft Punk. And yes, they made a cameo appearance in the movie as computer-programmed robotic DJs. What’s new?

Daft Punk has also stated in interviews that they would like to continue to remain anonymous, masked robots because they “want the focus to be on the music.” Wow, musicians who care more about making good music than fame?

“People understand that you don’t need to be on the covers of magazines with your face to make good music.”

Yes. You listen to music with your ears, not your eyes. Whether or not a song is good is not based on the artist’s appearance and physical features. Daft Punk fully embodies the concept of being an artist: focusing on making good music to give back to the fans.

And it has evidently paid off. The talented duo scooped up 5 Grammys this year, winning in all of the categories they were nominated in, which included the coveted Album of the Year and Record of the Year awards.

In the music industry, it’s more than just making a living for yourself. It’s about giving back to the fans–the people who directly contribute to your success. It’s like being a student. Sure, you can get good grades for yourself, but it’s also important to contribute to the class and the learning atmosphere so everyone benefits.

We need more Daft Punks in this world.


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