How To Be Famous


The last time I made a blog post, someone requested that I write one on “How To Be Famous.” Well, here it is.

Let’s talk about fame. What is fame? Some people define fame as the number of people who know you. The more people, the more famous. Now, if you’re starting out as a non-famous, normal person who wants to be famous, here’s what you have to do.


Even the design of this sign is famous.


Obviously, you’re a non-famous, normal person who does not have an agent, nor do you have the funds for multi-million dollar advertising campaigns, nor are you willing to do some embarrassing, rash, unexpected, never-before-seen stunt that will go viral on the Internet and thus bring fame to your name. Or, rather, infamy.

So back to the point. Bottom line: since you’re poor, the best promoter you have is…yourself. Here are three tips on self-promotion:

1. If you’re an artist, musician, writer, or any type of person who produces work, always have a portfolio ready.
Whether it’s a physical portfolio or an online website, it’s definitely useful to have one. Portfolios are handy when you need to quickly show someone a sample of your work. This can lead to a potential job, which will lead to a cash flow. And you want to be famous for the money, right? I don’t know your reason, but we can’t deny that money can be incredibly useful.

Beverly Pham   Portfolio

Feel free to check mine out. 😉

2. Share.
One of the most powerful tools of this century is the Internet. The invention of the Internet has facilitated communication so much that you can become famous in a matter of seconds thanks to the power of sharing. People look to social media to become famous all the time, so much that the phrases “YouTube famous,” “Twitter famous,” “Facebook famous,” and “Instagram famous” are commonly used. Don’t be afraid to promote yourself over social media because that’s the easiest way to get noticed.

famous blogger.gif  400×476

Or you can take the hard way. Your choice.

3. Don’t buy followers.
You want to be famous but you don’t want to work for it, so you buy fake followers managed by bots just so you can appear to be famous. Don’t waste your money on this (you don’t even have any to waste, remember?). If you have 1,000 followers and a photo you post only gets 20 likes, you’re not fooling anyone.

Remember: a famous figure gets people talking, like how there is always talk about Kurtz in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. Get people to talk about you. Good luck!

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