Rejections Never Bothered Me Anyway

(View the full post on my blog to see the video) I cope with college rejections by making parodies about college rejections. In my defense, I just got rejected from college so give my singing a break. It’s been a rough week for me. Rejected from my dream school (I expected it, but it still hit me pretty hard) and to top it all off, my dog is being given away. Beverly B. Pham   Life’s tough. I’m not the only one going through college rejections. It comforts me to know that millions of seniors across the nation (and world?) are experiencing the exact same thing as me. These feelings of failure and hopelessness never really quite leave you. The only thing that’s getting me through this time is the amazing support system I have. I am so blessed to have coaches, teachers, and friends who have faith in me and who encourage me to keep going because in the long run, these college rejections are just a bump in the road. Here’s a great comment from one of the most inspirational teachers I’ve had the pleasure of learning from: Beverly B. Pham   If you’re feeling down after college rejections, I hope that you, too, will find comfort in these words. Another friend told me the following: colleges are like crushes. You may really, REALLY be into one but sometimes they just aren’t interested and reject you because you’re not their type. The ones that do accept you for you are special and worth the time to appreciate and be proud of. Even if a certain school doesn’t work out for you, there are many other schools that will want you. And hey, if you don’t get accepted to your dream school, remember that the college admissions process is basically someone’s opinion of you, and since when did we ever let someone’s opinion define who we are?

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